Tufted Capuchin (Cebus Apella - Alberton

Friday, 31 August 2012

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City: Alberton, Gauteng
Offer type: Sell
Price: R 20,000


Contact name duncan
Phone 0739071787

Item description

Capuchin Monkey, hand raised, ranges between 2 weeks to 3 months old, stunning little family member, wearing nappies and bottle feeding
Capuchin monkeys are very intelligent, and the young ones can be easily trained by their owners to perform different activities. These monkeys are popular as
pets and also great attractions for street entertainment. They are also known as 'nature's butlers', as they can be trained in a similar manner to mobility
assistance dogs. After extensive training of infant capuchins, they can even help in performing household tasks like microwaving food or opening bottles.
To keep capuchin monkey as pets, look for breeders. You will need to have all the supplies that will be required for its care. After you get your capuchin
monkey pet, give it a short tour of your house, and sit with the monkey on the sofa and hold your monkey; you can scratch its hair. Place your pet monkey in
a gated off area, and place some toys near it. Make sure you treat your monkey well, and take it to a park or your backyard at least 4 times in a week's time
for good pet care.
Capuchin monkeys fall in the category of exotic pets, so before you decide to keep one as a pet make sure they are legally allowed as pets in your region.
White-fronted Capuchin (Cebus AlbifronsR10,000
White-faced Capuchin (Cebus CapucinusR4500
Blond Capuchin (Cebus QueiroziR11,200
Golden-bellied Capuchin (Cebus Xanthosternos)-R18,000
Tufted Capuchin (Cebus ApellaR20,000
Kaapori Capuchin (Cebus KaaporiR12.000
Wedge-capped Capuchin (Cebus OlivaceusR5000
Black-striped Capuchin (Cebus LibidinosusR4000
Black Capuchin (Cebus NigritusR13000
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